The most fashionable footwear. What the famous brands still could offer to their amateurs?

Posted on 11/07/2018 7:26pm

Good shoes is a goods which is not only necessary for showing-off but also for our comfort and being productive. The U.S. is the world’s largest sneaker market. The top sneakers brands— Adidas, Nike and Under Armour are compeating with each other making sure that customers are more excited about their shoes.

Nike sport shoes (by far the more you'll see at this address) are extremally popular. One of the most recognizable is Air Jordan. The original Air Jordan I sneaker, produced for Jordan in 1984, were produced for the public in 1985. The silhouette of the player served as inspiration to go for the "Jumpman" logo. Then there were a wave of next models: II, III, IV, ...X, 2009 and many more. Nike produced also other footwear from the Air Jordan line e.g. "Spizike", "Defining Moments" and so on. Tinker Hatfield, the man who designed plenty of the Air Jordan models, designed also other very popular type: Nike Air Max. This kind of shoes uses a large air cushioning unit at the heel which is possible to notice from the side. It is worn by the famous superstars such as Charles Barkley or Tupac Shakur. It is very popular among teengagers. Nike produces new models on daily basis. New texture, shapes are aiming to engourage people to stay with this brand. But there are other great brands on the market.

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Adidas sneakers (very helpful page, have a look) are a "badge" of sport shoes. In some countries the common name for sneakers is simply "adidas". Despite the the long history, Adidas still can surprise customers. Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged is one of Best-selling Adidas sportswear in 2016. They are DIY-inspired and totally unique. Another unique model is originals YEEZY 750 Boost “Grey/Gum”. Those creative shoes are also on the top-selling shoes' list in 2016.

People love sneakers because they're comfy and smart. The market is full of different brands, types and prices. The producents need to be sure they fulfill customers' requirements and taking care of them to keep them with their goods. Autor -

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