Time tracker app

Posted on 08/06/2019 7:11am

Why do you need time tracker app for mobile?
If you are already using time tracker app on your computer you know that this is a powerful tool to increase your income, productivity and efficiency. It’s great to be able to measure your and your workers’ time at work, but the truth is we do not only work on computer. And we need to know all our time, not only on computer, but also outside it, right?

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When we only track time of computer performance tha fact is we are loosing a lot of precious data, as we do not work only on computer. Our work is often also meetings, business leaves, business travels - many many situations when we are not sitting in front of a computer but we are still working. This time should be measured too to keep our data precise and avoid misunderstandings.

What a propoer time tracker app for mobile should contain?

The most important fact about mobile time tracker app is that it musn’t be as complex and multi-functional as computer version. For tracking our away time we need only the simpliest features: timesheets, timer and reports. And they also should be in simplified form.

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Crucial thing in mobile time tracker app is timer - we should have a list of our tasks (inside various projects) with a big, evident timer button. Because all we need to do is to click “start” and “stop” , that is pretty enough.


However if we forget to operate the timer we also should be able to fill our performance duration later, in timesheets. Simple table with names of tasks and fields “from - to” should be enough to keep our task list in order.


It’s good to check on a regular basis. When you are not sure about what you were doing at a certain time you should be able to quick access to reports and analyze if everything is in order.